Lil Claire

born March 11, 2007 – died October 17, 2015

sired by Ch. Logres Tungsten  out of Ch. Cambria’s Sebring

Claire is the dam of one litter, sired by Ch. Logres Warkant,  which produced Ch. Logres’ Diarado, Logres Hotline, Logres Capricia and Logres’ DiMaggio

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1-17-10-WC-Kids-Capricia2x.jpg1-24-10-DiMaggio.jpg12-25-09-Christmas5.jpg201001181150000621.jpg5-9-2010-DiMaggio xx.jpgChristmas 2010 bbb Claire and DiMaggio.jpgChristmas 2010 Claire and DiMaggio.jpgChristmas 2010 Claire DiMaggio cant see.jpgChristmas 2010 Claire DiMaggio I cant see x.jpgChristmas 2010 Claire DiMaggio mother loves her son.jpgChristmas 2010 xcx Claire and DiMaggio.jpgChristmas 2010 xx Claire and DiMaggio.jpgClaire feeding DiMaggio and two of Bella\'s puppies.jpgDiMaggio-3-21-2010xX.jpgHotline National 2010 move II.jpgHotline National 2010 move.jpgHotline National 2010.jpgHotline National OCt 8, 2010.jpgKiss from Claire Christmas 2010.jpgLil Claire as a baby.jpgWarkant--n-Claire-12-30-08.jpg