Video on Taping Ears

These videos show how we tape our puppies ears.  If you have any questions, call me

 This first series was made for Pamm. We are using Vivian Leigh in the demonstration.

The supplies you will need  Purchase the tape from K D Vet Supplies on line

#1. how to reverse wrap the Baker Rod foam rod



#4. I forget to even mention that you must always wrap the ear going forward around the ear, so that the little flap is warped back and flat  to the ear  (she has a blade of grass in her mouth)


#6. taking the ear back down…  btw, we no longer use Goo Gone… it is the wrong product, it can dissolve the ear…

#7.  Move on taking the ears down…  but PLEASE note that I have done this a thousand times over the years.  I know exactly where the edges of the dogs ears are, and I know exactly where that little flap of skin on the forward edge of the ear is… I know exactly where I can put the scissors.  You may not.  So, BE VERY CAREFUL that you do not cut the dogs ears.

#8.  This is a bit on hand stacking a young dog…  not nearly as good as a professional would do, but the dog has the general idea and is up and happy about the thing.  A good handler like Diego, Lance or Ashley could take this bitch and win with her.

#9.  More of Vivian Leigh… to remind me that we breed, train and condition  beautiful dogs.


This second video was made with Black Caviar.  It is quite possibly the worst video ever made…  I only include it here because it might have a few tips I did not mention in the first video.

Elaine with Black Caviar – video made by Elaine


This third set of videos is for Elizabeth… of Romancier the series was made in the Hotel room the night Elizabeth and Charlie picked up Romancier.